Originally known as creative wedding photography in the 80s and 90s we won many awards in the field of wedding photography, we were also do very well known for photographing Hollywood superstars, rock groups, world leaders and anyone of any fame or fortune who came to Perth, the intimacy and closeness we could develop with these highly private people gave us unique photographs which were always in the newspapers, we were often invited to the concerts, private parties and other things for that matter because the trust that they had in us that we would never release anything to the newspapers that would embarrass them, well not too much anyway.

Always happening on the side however was a growing demand for our unique way of photographing women, the amount of time we spent with them and at such a small cost, we always believed if you didn’t like the photos, you didn’t have to buy any, it was up to us to be good.

Our style of photography developed many years ago after a girl approached us wanting a completely naked photo to hang on the wall and yet nobody to know it was her, then soon after she wanted a coffee table book starting at normal portraiture and getting more and more sexy, we soon realized and were proud of the confidence that this style of photography gave to our clients.

Our style of photography is very sexy, open-minded and is meant to be a turn-on to whoever see’s them, so we advise at least one glass of champagne to help calm your nerves, it’s amazing what a difference it makes. Our shoots tend to be quite long and can last half a day or more depending on what you’re looking for (a couple of photos or a coffee table book) and can be done in a variety of settings such as indoor, outdoor, beach and bush and we are an open to any ideas you may have.

We have now discontinued all forms of other types photography so we can concentrate on our specialty, glamour photography, if you have a specific project you would like us to undertake, please contact us.